‘How to Prep a Fish’

a series of books and masterclasses on how to prepare shellfish by Rosemary Williams.

Rosemary holds masterclasses to teach small groups The Holbrook Method – her family’s unique methods for preparing a range of shellfish.

The 3-hour masterclasses involve you having your own shellfish to work with, following the instruction from Rosemary and working your way through the preparation using her family’s methods, passed down to her.
It’s hands-on; you’ll be preparing your own lunch or dinner.

Family history is also peppered in, along with recipe ideas, serving suggestions and different ways to cook and flavour the shellfish.
Once the preparation is done, we cook together and then finish by enjoying the meal together with some nice drinks too.

Home cooks:

Home cooks who would like a new experience can book in for a shellfish masterclass at her Northfleet venue.
Rosemary can also be booked to visit you and a small group of your friends at home or a venue to show the method from start to finish, giving useful tips along the way.
Add something new to your dinner party repertoire!

Professional chefs:

Rosemary can arrange to teach trainee and qualified chefs at a restaurant, kitchen, another venue or her Northfleet venue, enabling them to add to their professional development and offer something new to their diners.

Hospitality/catering course leaders:

Rosemary could add an interesting lesson to your course, taking you through the art of prepping the shellfish of your choice. Rosemary can come to your venue to lead the masterclass, or small groups of students are welcome at her.
A great skill for your students to have on their CV, which others may not in a competitive industry.

Practical Workshops:

Individual – £67
Book exclusive group (6 people) – £402


Become an expert on preparing crab with ‘The Holbrook Way’ – a method passed down through my family.
You’ll use the best tools for the job and find out how to remove all the meat from the shell – with no shell left!



What a lovely dinner party skill to have and you can learn it with me at my lobster masterclass. We’ll each have our own lobster and work slowly through the method towards creating a fabulous meal to eat together at the end.


People are divided the world over about oysters – some like them, some don’t but many people haven’t even tried them! My masterclass will show you how to prepare them – they can be tricky to work with but The Holbrook Method makes it much easier!
Find out how to prepare them and I’ll also give you some fantastic recipe ideas too.
They are the ultimate fast food!


Open, closed- how do you know what’s a good mussel?! I’ll tell you, along with how to prepare and cook them in a variety of delicious ways.
You’ll soon have a new dish for your dinner party repertoire or restaurant menu.

2019 masterclasses

Oysters – at The Whitstable Oyster Company
Wednesday 23 January, 6pm – 9pm
Wednesday 30 January, 6pm – 9pm

More dates and classes will be released soon but do ask me if you’d like a particular one added to the calendar or to book a private one with the shellfish of your choice.

Private masterclass:
If you’d like to book a private masterclass for up to six guests, please contact me and I can offer you a bespoke masterclass for your celebration or get-together.

Gift vouchers:
Would you like to surprise someone?
Gift vouchers would make a great present to give to someone who enjoys learning something new.

Contact Rosemary – to buy the book, find out about masterclasses, book a private masterclass, invite her to speak at your event, or come and hold a session for your students / trainee chefs.

Shellfish masterclasses – Find out more

Buy the book:

Rosemary’s first book ‘ Prep That Fish – crab’ is available to buy for £10.

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