‘How to Prep a Fish’

– a series of books and masterclasses on how to prepare shellfish by Rosemary Williams.

If you’ve ever wondered how to prepare shellfish, are scared of it or just stay away through fear of messing it up, this series of books and masterclasses are for you!

It started with the books – written by Rosemary Williams to share her family’s unique methods of preparing shellfish. She has fishmonger history across Kent and her grandfather’s and uncle’s methods are now called The Holbrook Method – given in the books and shown at her regular masterclasses which were developed after people kept asking Rosemary to show them how to do it!

Based in Kent, Rosemary has spent many years as a business coach and, after researching her family history, realised her grandad’s unique methods of preparing shellfish would only be passed on if she wrote them down. They had been handed down through her family and Rosemary is the only one left who knows how to do them.

And so the books were born, followed by the masterclasses.

The first in the collection of books, which takes you through how to prepare a crab, was published in November 2016. Since then she’s been writing the rest of the series, with mussels and oysters coming in 2019.

The books are carefully designed to be easy to read and handle while preparing shellfish and all the pages wipe clean. Photographs and notes help you by giving you confidence and a sense of achievement.

Rosemary said: “I had all the information, this rich family history and thought it had to get written down somewhere, as I am the last one in the family line who knows it. It’s a great book for both home cooks and professional chefs.”

Buy her book or find out about masterclasses.

Home cooks – overcome fear, have a new experience, learn a family method and add to your dinner party repertoire.

Professional chefs – hone your shellfish skills, learn a new method, have something different to offer to diners and add to your continuous professional development.

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